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In order to better assist you, please complete the following questionnaire below. Please note that this information will assist us in providing you with an estimated cost of the services for your event. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
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Catering Service Types Offered:

  • Self-Serve Buffet Service: With this option, all guests serve themselves in a buffet line manner. In addition, service includes full setup & cleanup of equipment for dining purposes (i.e. prepared food, dishes, plates, utensils, serving dishes & catering equipment).
  • Mobile Catering (Food Truck Service): With this option, the food prepared is prepared and served via our mobile café. We provide disposable plates, cups, silverware, napkins and condiments. All guests are served in a cafeteria-style manner. There is no cleanup service included with this option.
  • Bulk Order Catering Service (Drop-Off): With this option, the food is prepared, packaged in bulk & delivered directly to the client’s specified location. Please note that plates, cups, silverware, napkins, serving utensils and steam table setup services will be the client’s responsibility. However, we do offer those services for a small fee. There is no cleanup service included with this option.


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