Mambo Sauce

Lady K’s Mambo Sauce is commonly used as a condiment on various types of fried foods such as chicken wings, French fries, fish and shrimp. The flavor is sweet with a touch of heat!

Our mambo sauce is prepackaged in quality, food grade plastic bottles. Each bottle is 12 oz. in size. Please note that a gap of space is left at the top for you to be able to shake your sauce to mix it well prior to use.

Why? Because as with any condiment, the ingredients can settle at the bottom of the container or begin to separate. Shaking well will solve the problem.

In addition, each bottle is labeled (front & back), the contents inside are secured with a pressure sensitive liner (to maintain store-like freshness) and each bottle is tamper-evident sealed with a perforated seal for easy removal.

Each bottle is $10.00 plus tax and can only be purchased exclusively at Lady K’s Café. Upon checkout, be sure to select “Deliver to my location” and follow the written instructions to complete your order. Thank you!