About Us

Although Lady K’s Catering, LLC was founded on September 6, 2013, it wasn’t until March 2014 that Lady K decided to officially offer customized services, specializing in Contemporary Cuisine. Over time she perfected her craft which involved applying simplistic yet unique cooking techniques that allowed for a refined, cleaner method of cooking.

In addition, Lady K’s Contemporary Cuisines are heavily influenced by various parts of the world such as Italy, France, Spain, Asia, & the Middle East. She uses only the freshest ingredients the world has to offer which allows one’s pallet to savor the flavor of each ingredient used.

So with that said, why not allow Lady K to introduce you to enhanced cooking methods, better eating habits & the health benefits you will reap from the meals she prepares. Remember, the overall goal is to achieve and/or maintain a healthier, happier you!

For meal preparations and/or catering service inquiries, please feel free to Contact Us anytime. Thank you for your interest in Lady K’s Catering & we look forward to serving you in the future.

Please Note: Cooking With Lady K & Lady K’s Cafe are also affiliated with Lady K’s Catering, LLC which currently services the DM(V).